Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Kashmir want?

Kids of Kashmir grow up in shade of arms and ammunition rather than toys and peace . They learn Kuran, mahjab, and hatred rather than English, Hindi and peace. They see blood everywhere in place but were born to see the heaven like place Kashmir. They grow in between Soldiers and terrorists. Their aim is not to become engineers, doctors or entrepreneur but to fight for Kashmir to save their motherland not only from hands of terrorist but also from Politicians.

They have equal rights to live but never given that opportunities. People fear to go to school, they fear to go to play ground, they fear to go to gardens, they fear to go to doctors, they fear to live a normal life.

Now the question is who is responsible? It can be terrorists or Politicians. The matter is so sensitive that none can comment on either one of them. But something is wrong that is the reason that matter is not resolved even after 63 years of independence.

Pakistanis say that Kashmir should be in Pakistan because majority of population in Kashmir is Muslim. Now if this is the case then they can come back tomorrow saying that India has more number of Muslims as compared to Pakistan so India should also be made Pakistan. It is not just the matter of discussion, it is high time to get to the solution because if things goes in a same way then the next coming 6 generations will also suffer the same.

And now the question is why we need this and who need this?

Kashmiris don't need violence. They don't need land, they don't ask for fight, they don't ask for power, they don't ask for money

There are people in Kashmir who want to get merge with Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Only one question all those people, What is democracy and freedom fot People residing there in POK?
They even don't have a right to study. They are taught to fight against India. The biggest example is Ajmal kasab.

This hatred won't give rise to future it is only a way to turn the most beautiful place on Earth to Hell.

Today also if Jinnah and Gandhi come they won't ever compromise or want land at the cost of human life. Give respect to human life and place it above the immaterial thing like land.

It doesn't matter at all, who owns a piece of land, but the thing that matters is how many saw that beautiful heaven and enjoyed it.

Make Kashmir a better place to LIVE. Make it for all. No communal riots, no soldiers, no politicians, no hatred, no violence and then see what this world will turn into.