Monday, July 5, 2010

Life of the People.....

There are thousand varieties of People but i'll discuss only few of them which forms the majority of audience.

1) People who work for their family
2) People who work for society
3) People who serve their nation
4) People who chase for their dreams
5) People who make a significant contribution in Country's economy

I selected only 5 of this because I belief that other kind of people are worth ignoring. So letz get into the detail of their work

1) People who work for their family: In short I define them as Responsible. They may have thousands of dreams, ambitions, desires, etc. but they accept to put it into the back seat and move on with the way life guides them. From the 1st day of their life, they are taught to follow the family principles, ethics and culture. Sometimes they try to get rid of it but society bound them from being themselves. They chase their dream but somehow loose them somewhere in the dark and live family-life happily there after.

2) People who work for Society: Hats Off!! No other words can define them. I have met few of them so don't know what their real purpose is? Some go for the real good for society and some go for reel good for them. People working really for society doesn't think much about the outcome but the person with reel intentions think everytime of the outcome and conclusion. Where he looses what and how much? It is really very difficult to know the intentions of this kind of people

3) People who serve their nation: No Words to define them!! Sachin Tendulkar, Subash Chandra Bose, Lata Mangeskar, APJ Abdul Kalam, and many more, the list is endless. But can someone give them their true credit. They write the history. But again i doubt my politicians and and the organizer who give this award. What is the point of giving Saif Ali Khan the "Padma Shree Award"? Does it mean that "Padma Shree Award" has lost its real importance or the National Heroes are equivalent to Bollywood heroes?Future is " ?????????? "

4) People who chase their dream: Initially not accepted by majority. They are followed by Critics. Everything they say becomes the word of rehabilitation. I agree some fail and some succeed but this failure should be the constructive failure rather than having the destructive success while running away from your dream. Dream chaser who wins the race are called as entrepreneur and the person who loose are called looser allover the life. People criticize it and dis-courage saying that the person was not at all responsible. So the choice is yours are decision is solely yours

5) People who make significant contribution to economy: They are simply criticized by lower class saying that they eat away everything and doesn't leave anything for people. Lower class follow the principle of Robin Hood. They wait so that some Robin will come and give them a snatch from higher class people. The difference arises not in a class but the attitude which they have. The higher class just know how to invest wisely and lower class doesn't know how to invest and how much to invest. Lower class People keeps on increasing their liability rather than trying to increase their asset. This is not the only problem of lower class but also the middle class and higher middle class. I don't say that you shouldn't increase your liability but find ways to afford that liability. Ex:- You need a CAR and you purchase it. To maintain it is your liability and to earn back from it to maintain it is your wise way of handling.

This is only my personal views, sorry if it hurts someone or raises a topic of argument.

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  1. bhaiya...........its really nice, urs classification covers the entire society no need of the 6th one.:-)